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I truly want to use my photography to be a blessing to you. So here's how it works...


Suggested pricing includes:

Wedding All Day (More than 5 hours): $1,000

Wedding Half Day (Less than 5 hours): $500

Portrait Session (Less than 1 hour): $100

What if those prices are too steep?

I understand that many people wouldn't have photos taken on a regular basis or at all because they simply can't afford it. So I've come up with a pricing structure that's flexible and caters to those individuals.

  • If you can afford the suggested prices or more then pay that.
  • If you're struggling to make ends meet, then pay what you can.
  • If you don't have a single dollar to your name, I'll take your photo for free.

With every session, you'll receive a disc of images at the highest resolution so you can print whatever you like. We'll share the rights of the images I take of you.

I've been blessed with a gift, and I want to share it with you. Anything I receive in return will be another blessing. Last year I had the privilege of photographing a large family who has endured way too many trials to mention. (They fall in that last category.) The generosity of others more than covered the fees to photograph this family. The joy in their faces when I gave them the photos was more than enough payment for me.

I've also seen up-close the great need of impoverished people in countries like Haiti, Ethiopia, India and even across the United States. And that's why 20% of every penny I make will be donated to various outreaches around the world.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of your special moments.